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THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ has just completed the implementation of a major growth phase, announcing the release of its Strategic War Room.

THE STRATEGY EXPERT™can facilitate sessions nearly anyplace in the world. THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ can travel to a client’s conference facilities or in a private conference center available to THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ in over 400 locations in 70 countries. The strategy sessions can also be conducted remotely or virtually as well. Regardless of format, THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ creates a Strategic War Room™ each time a session is held.

 On-site strategy sessions are preferred. THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ is better able to adapt the session to the needs of the participants. In fact, the strategy sessions can be adapted “on-the-fly” based upon the needs and responses of the participants. If more time is required on sales and marketing than on the SWOTT analysis, the session is geared toward the need, not the process.

As long as THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ has access to the Internet, subscription based services and the internal Intranet can be accessed to help gather data. Click here for a sample of the types of databases at our disposal. We not only serve as a planning facilitator but a Subject Matter Expert (SME) as well. Setting up a War Room is a matter of having a facility with a projector, screen, whiteboard and an Internet connection.

THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ uses a variety of methods to help develop strategic plans, prepare for negotiating sessions, to make strategic decisions or any other planning. All of the strategic approaches can be utilized in person and virtually, through web conferencing. All electronic information is stored using U.S. government standard encryption and nothing is left behind in any of the War Rooms once the strategy sessions are complete.

What does this mean to clients?

1.       It means THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ is heeding its own advice and finding or creating opportunities to provide better services to its clients. While other consulting firms may be cutting back, THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ is growing in a way that will allow it to capture market share and gain a competitive advantage in years to come.

THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ has invested in a mapping software platform in order to electronically convert and digitize its traditional modules and utilizes a uniform platform. This provides several distinct advantages:

a.       It allows THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ to use the latest technology to deliver its consulting services.

b.      It provides enhanced quality and consistency throughout the entire planning process.

c.       It allows THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ to provide interim and final planning reports to clients at greatly reduced speed and cost (complete with Gantt charts).

d.      It allows THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ to more easily work with clients in this fast-changing economic crisis – changes and “what if” scenarios can be developed in nearly real-time. Stakeholder analyzes and risk assessments are numerically-based with formulas to identify those significant elements that require management, mitigation and contingency strategies.

The following modules have been migrated to an electronic format:

·         Stakeholder analysis

·         Risk assessment

·         Strategic planning

·         Business planning

·         Decision-making

·         Sales and marketing planning

·         Negotiation planning

While it is best to conduct these sessions live and in person, the Strategic War Room now provides THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ with the ability to work with clients in a virtual format, such as web conferencing, on short-notice, thus reducing the professional time and travel expenses required to deliver the services. So, an opportunity identified today can often be assessed and planned for in a manner of hours or days instead of weeks.

3.        Obtaining industry and competitor information is often critical to making strategic decisions. Unfortunately, conducting a Google search provides little, if any, valuable information. THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ has subscribed to several databases that provide access to information that is often not found in the general public domain. This allows THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ to monitor changes within an industry over time for both benchmarking and trend analyzes. THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ can even assign a researcher to monitor an industry on a regular basis. Making strategic decisions requires strategic information. Our access to multiple, subscription based databases includes company, financial and other information. For example, if a company is about to negotiate an alliance with another company, THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ can often obtain key biographical data on team members from the other team to help prepare for the negotiating sessions.  As an example, an executive who was born and raised or went to school in the Appalachian region of the United States thinks and makes decisions differently from an executive who was born in the Northeast, the Midwest or California.

4.       THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ has also developed an extensive knowledge base that is now 100% electronic and contained within the Intranet. THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ has gathered over 5,000 key data elements that are searchable in an internal database intranet. This intranet is of such high quality that MBA students are often granted access to the database for research.

5.       THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ regularly obtains both electronic and hard copy annual reports of publicly traded companies around the world. THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ researchers study these reports in order to brief THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ consultants on activities and trends within companies and industries. For example, THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ can often identify whether merger or acquisition trends are increasing or decreasing in particular industries.       

By making this investment in technology, THE STRATEGY EXPERT™ is now better able to serve its worldwide clients – and at a reduced rate.  



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